New Beginnings in the Firey Leo

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“Rivers of power

flowing everywhere.
Fields of magnetism
relating everything.
This is your origin.
This is your lineage.

“The current of creation
is right here,
Coursing through subtle channels,
Animating this very form.
Follow the gentle touch of life,
Soft as the footprint of an ant,
As tiny sensations open to vastness.
“Power sings as it flows,
Electrifies the organs of sensing,
Becomes liquid light,
Nourishes your entire being.
Celebrate the boundary
Where streams join the sea,
Where body meets infinity.”

Lorin Roche, from The Radiance Sutras

Hello fellow travellers!

How are you riding these powerful, potent electrical currents? It has been very intense yet ah so ecstatic at the same time. As we are approaching the New Moon of Sunday, July 23rd in Leo and moving into the Zodiac sign of Leo at the same time the intensity is amping up again. Many of us are feeling the NEW in more tangible ways in our consciousness and in our lives too. New doors are opening for all of us, be it in your consciousness first. Our inner worlds are expanding, new possibilities become more and more realistic. We feel like anything is possible. THAT is the sweet spot of Divine connection to our Spirit, to the Universe, to the Creation. Time to celebrate, really!

This whole year has been very fiery, under the influence of the Chinese Zodiac Sign of Fire Rooster and now we are moving into the Fiery Leo. A New Moon in Leo promises action, fire, intensity, heat and for sure transformation. Where do you need to take action? Where is the heat of transformation in your consciouness? How are you dealing with intensity? What is your relationship to power?

There is generally a heightened sensation in our physical and energy bodies. We are receiving so many boosts and that explains why we feel so tired and wired at the same time. Our bodies have been going through a lot of surges: Solar Flares, electrical and magnetic waves, light bursts, activations, initiations… Many feel really tired, sleepy and sluggish. My suggestion is as always: Eat light, drink lots and move your body. There is nothing a warm bath (with some Epsom salts and essential oils) and dark organic chocolate cannot make good again, right? Be loving and gentle to yourself and most importantly don’t forget to laugh.

I don’t know about you but I have been naturally going through a decluttering process at so many levels: So many thoughts, beliefs, belief systems went through a thorough inspection and none of them made it into my new reality. I have gone through my closets and threw away so many things that are simply not relevant for me anymore. Asking myself why am I doing what I am doing, this simple question got me real far: I stopped doing so many things, pursuing friendships that are not meant to be part of my life, my relationships. I pulled my consciousness from things, places, ideas, people who are outdated and not relevant for me in any way, but only draining my energy. I cleaned my cyber reality, my computer, my e-mails from anything irrelevant, from anything I have a heart connection to. Looking at things and life under the premise of “What is really important?” got me to simplify, simplify and simplify! This freed a lot of energy that was tied to so many petit matters. I looked closely where my energy is, where it is moving, and why. I have pulled so much of me back into me! Having gone and still going so naturally, so gracefully through an update my whole system feels lighter and more relaxed. At the same time I am expanding into and through the body more than ever. Loving and being myself unabashedly more and more. So much clutter has fallen off and I feel renewed and ready for something NEW.

This whole year has been very fiery, under the influence of the Chinese Zodiac Sign of Fire Rooster and now we are moving into the Fiery Leo. A New Moon in Leo promises action, fire, potency, intensity, creativity, excitement, turbulance, heat and for sure transformation for the next moon cycle. We will have a Solar Eclipse in this moon as well. So be prepared for wonderment. Go and participate in life. Live, Love and Laugh! Life is a short dream regardless. Ground yourself in the power of the Divine Feminine, in the Lioness and call in your nobility and your sovereignty. Remember that the Queen/King is never bothered with petit dramas, distracted by irrelevant situations and is always in her/his power center…the power that comes from knowing the Self.

Happy New Moon, everybody!

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