Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and more…


Dear ones,

we are in the middle of solar flares, geomagnetic storms and there is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius coming up on August 7th. Furthermore we are looking at the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st and the 8:8:8 Lion’s Gate we are already in. There is so much happening in the seen and unseen realms right now like never before.

I don’t know where to start…so let’s start with the closest of the events, the Full Moon Lunar eclipse. Eclipses are considered as very significant and sacred by many ancient cultures. It is considered to bring about change, new beginnings and usually sudden shifts of situations at a global and individual level. This Full Moon’s power is awakening, shaking up, liberating, expanding into our true Selves. It is a giant opportunity to expand consciousness to levels we have never experienced before. The Full Moon’s power is lifting us to heights we might not have reached in a long time or even ever. It is very exciting, liberating and ecstatic. Be prepared to fly high, to play big,  to think big, to expand beyond the limitations of your conscious mind. Let this sacred gift of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse wash over you, washing away all the debris from all the infinite layers of your consciousness to make space for more of who you truly are.

While we are still in the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse energies the empowering energies of 8:8:8 gateway will be showering us full on. Each year on August 8th a cosmic alignment occurs between Sirius, the Great Central Sun and the Earth, at the Great Pyramid of Giza. We are already in that gateway. The star Sirius is energetically closer or rather more accessible for us this time of the year. It is also bringing in empowerment, potency, expansion and activation of our potential so we can express more of who we are.

This all will culminate in the Total Solar Eclipse of August 21st. I will write more about that but for now know that its effects are already palpable and it is all potentiating all the other celestial events known and unknown synergistically. Remember this is all happening for us. We have asked for it and it has been given, the liberation of humanity is underway, the game’s afoot! There is a lot of fiery energy of Leo this month that is transforming, empowering and energizing our bodies, minds and psyche. It is heating up everything and as we know heat is a crucial element of alchemical transformation. Use this fire consciously to burn away your limitation, your outdated beliefs, patterns, bonds, yoke of the lower mind, habits, to break out of the routine, out of your comfort zone! Liberate yourself! We are the heroes, the heroines that can free us, there is no one to wait for! All the celestial events are potently supporting  us. This is a time of deep transformation, massive awakening and liberation if you want it to be. What are you going to choose every moment? Those hundreds of little decisions you make everyday…what will you choose?

Copyright © 2017, Areolia Glück
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