Heightened Senses and Awareness



Another Full Moon…Flower Full Moon this time, that is heightening our senses, filling us with the beauty of the nature, of flowers, with the love and the joy of Gaia. Our feeling nature, our senses, touch, smell, sight, hearing, taste are heightened each time when the moon is full. We feel more intensely, our bodies are more sensitive to sensations of all kinds. It is like the Goddess is inviting us to feel more deeply, with more awareness, to experience our communion with the Divine deeper through our senses. 
“The senses are to expansion, what lightning is to catalyzation.” says Ariel Spilsbury in ‘The 13 Moon Oracle’. “The senses are the means by which you experience both form and Emptiness. The “sensory radar” of the five sense organs and the “mind” that decodes the electrical impulses sent from the senses, combined with the chakras, complete the circuit of the electro-magnetic receptor system that is the neural skeleton for our physical and light bodies. The senses are multi-dimensional receptors, continuously receiving an influx of resonant information that the mind decodes and interprets. The senses, far from only interpreting sensate impressions, can open us to holographic awareness and Divine interface. The senses are the “antenna” with which we receive and ground the Divine impulse. Our senses are the means by which we respond to that Divine impulse. (from The 13 Moon Oracle, Holographic Meditations on the Mystery by Ariel Spilsbury)
I pray you’ll create the time and space this beautiful Full Moon day to SENSE, to FEEL, to expand into the feeling and sensations your five sense organs are receiving today. I pray you celebrate your communion with the Divine by being in nature, expanding into heightened awareness of the rich colors, perfumes of the flowers, the sunlight, the sounds of the woods, waters, the wind…Seeing, smelling and hearing with your skin, touching with your eyes, tasting with your nose. Sensing everything like never before, like it is your first time eating those strawberries, smelling the roses, listening to the ocean or to the wind… like it is your first day on this amazing, beautiful, aqua blue planet! And I pray you let your senses bring you the sweetest, most ecstatic Union with the Divine!
Blessed be!


Copyright © 2017, Areolia Glück
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