Hello dear ones!

I haven’t been very expressive in a long time and have been travelling the last two weeks so here I am after a long period of silence. So much has shifted since my last post! Things have been moving at dizzying speed. To start with the Schumann Resonance, the heartbeat of the planet, has spiked to 90 Hz on Easter Sunday, I am reading. Bear in mind that it used to be 7.83 Hz until 2012. It has been constantly rising since January 2017. I haven’t been able to find any scientific data on this, however I think we all feel that something huge has been happening lately. There is a massive acceleration going on similar to the one in 2012. The solar flares and magnetic storms from the sun have been intense as well. Our bodies and psyche have different reaction to this acceleration, however generally we can say we have to integrate A LOT very fast at so many levels! I have been sleeping a lot and having very vivid dreams. Some of the common symptoms currently are: having no appetite or a big appetite, change in eating, sleeping patterns, body aches, restlessness, discomfort, body running fear, the feeling you are walking in a dream – and you are! – brain fog, lack of motivation, difficulty to focus, feeling disoriented, overwhelmed….and the list goes on. I hope your integration and your acceleration has been an easy and graceful one!

More of us is merging with the lower levels of our consciousness, with the physical, emotional and mental bodies. What we are in truth is infinite and so vast that it can make our small vessels feel overwhelmed and too small to receive our vastness. We are called to constantly expand, make space, clear, purify, empty and expand even more. This goes for our mental, emotional and physical bodies as well as our life streams. The more space we make the easier the descension of our higher levels which is what ascension is all about. All in all it is a time of “madness” seen with the eyes of the mind. I hope you are enjoying the ride regardless!

with Joy,


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