Full Moon in Virgo Today


Dear ones,

Today’s Full Moon in Virgo is very intense and A LOT of stuff is coming up to be released. Many are in emotional, mental and physical discomfort and going through deep transformations. We are also going through the geo storm portal of 9 days of magnetic storms. Many programs, beliefs, trauma that was in the sub-psyche is becoming known and coming up to be released. This is a very intense and life-altering experience for many. We are being pulled out of our mental and emotional comfort zone and through the discomfort we experience we are forced to look at what is holding us back, what is limiting us, what is keeping us from being all that we can be. This can be a very ecstatic experience if you can surrender all that is not you and let it all be taken away from you while you focus on your true Self and your inner Light. As always asking the questions “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” will move you towards your own Self like a compass. If something is bothering you, torturing you, creating discomfort try asking the questions “Is this real? Is this Love?” to shift your positioning.

For a while now it has been becoming more and more obvious to many that we are in a simulated reality: we become more and more aware of parallel realities, jump time lines, experience glitches in the reality matrix and more… We have been experiencing powerful infusions of light simultaneously with the bubbling up of the darkness and polarity out of the subconscious.  Many outdated 3D time lines have been coming up, overlapping  our current life to unwind and to disappear as suddenly as they appear. Everything that doesn’t match Heaven on Earth, every experience, thought, emotion, every particle that is not vibrating at the frequency level of the 5th dimension bubble up to the surface to dissolve. In a way our genetic lineages, parallel and alternate past and future are collapsing into one reality of Spirit, the parallel Spirit created for humanity’s ascension. We often feel like we live many lives in one day, jumping from one reality to another. This is disorienting to say the least. If you feel like your life has become surreal, you yourself have become surreal or you are losing it, take heart! Many are feeling the same way. We are all co-creating the 5th dimensional timeline of Heaven on Earth to become collective reality, to overlap with all the other timelines and become the predominant reality on planet Earth.

We are approaching Spring Equinox and spring’s energy is very palpable even though it might be still cold and winter-like in the nature. We can start our spring cleaning at all levels and use this time to re-balance, re-orient, re-direct our minds and bodies to embody even more of our Divinity. I will write about the Equinox energies as we approach the gate. For now we can simply bask in the fullness of the Moon and let the subconscious, what is hidden be illuminated and released. This Full Moon is more about transformation than anything else. Breathe and release! Breathe and ground in the body! Breathe and let go! Breathe and BE!

Sending you all Full Moon blessings on this day,

Copyright © 2017, Areolia Glück
This is copyrighted material. If you wish to share this information online in ANY form please make sure to share it INTACT and in its ENTIRETY with full credits given to the author(s), including a link to this website. To re-publish this material in any online or print media please request permission first. Thank you!




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