Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Pisces


Hello everybody!

I am sure you are feeling the acceleration and the intensity in some way if you are reading this. Massive amounts of density has been leaving the planet very rapidly creating some havoc in the collective subpysche. We are in the middle of a major gateway since the last lunar eclipse and there is a powerful New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces combo coming up this weekend, February 26th, 9:58 am ET, 6:58 am ET PT and 3:58 pm CET. The eclipse will add to the power of the New Moon and we can expect some magic and miracles. The dark moon in Pisces will bring up what has been hidden in the subconscious to be looked at and with the added power of the eclipse expect major transformation and shifts to happen. It is all about consciousness how we use these energies that are only here to help us. If we are grounded in our hearts and allow all the emotion, all the subconscious thought forms to come up and out of us without holding on to them or making them real we will utilize the power of this time in the best possible way. Also ask these celestial events to assist you, to support you on your journey. And always ask for Ease and Grace. 🙂

We are already in the sign of Pisces, the fish, that represents the collective unconscious, the dreamworld. It inspires mystical revelations, emotions, dreams, inviting you to feel, to feel compassion for yourself and for the world. It also brings up the dark, hidden emotions, the skeletons in the closet so to speak so just be willing to allow them to surface and to be released. Under the influence of Pisces you might find that you cannot trust your senses so much that they might deceive you since Pisces can create delusions. So be aware of what to make real these next four weeks. Also you might find it difficult to focus in a linear way, you might find your mind to be scattered and you cannot hold on a thought. You might feel like you’re in many different places or times at once. You might experience increased dream time activity and you might not be quite sure if you have dreamt of something or if it really happened. Those are all Pisces phenomena. Your perception expands into the infinite ocean Pisces represents and your focus gets broadened as well as your reality. Breathe and expand consciously to be aware of more of your Self and of creation.

To add some more intensity and power to all of these a huge coronal hole has opened up in the Sun’s atmosphere February 21st. This hole is blasting solar winds in the direction of the Earth. When magnetic field lines travel from the inside of the sun to its surface they usually remain inside the sun. When however coronal holes appear, the magnetic field lines can stretch out into space in the form of solar winds. Can you tell that this might affect our planet, our bodies and our magnetism? According to NASA this “elongated coronal hole rotated across the surface of the sun this past week so that it is now streaming solar winds towards the Earth”. Solar winds are a stream of particles from the Sun and they can heat the Earth’s outer atmosphere and cause it to expand. Here you go with the expansion again! Bring it on, right?

You might have headaches, pressure in the head, or feel dizzy, feel the veils lift for short moments and experience yourself in many dimensions at the same time, have dèjá vus, your brain might feel disoriented having a hard time to re-orient in a multi-dimensional setting. Remember many people are not aware of these things in this acute manner but feel the symptoms in their bodies as nausea, dizziness, feeling unwell, and attribute it to weather or circulatory disorder, headaches etc. You might have ringing in your ears, see light codes, experience tingling in your body, or feel like you’re poisoned when density surface from the depths of your cells to be cleaned out. You might be blissed out of the planet or feel like “hormonal” and cry easily without any particular reason, long for something you don’t know what. You might feel like there is nothing to rely on and you are just so far out of your comfort zone that you feel low level anxiety running in your body. Regardless your experience we are going through massive shifts and changes.

As always it is very important to stay disconnected from the collective and keep your energy bodies and your space clear and clean. Our old school tools like smudging ourselves and our living spaces are very powerful and important these days. Be sovereign in your own reality, be aware what outside energies are affecting you, your body and your psyche. Center yourself and at all times keep your conscious connection to your Spirit, to your Higher levels. Stay aligned with your Higher Self at all times.

The Dark Moon, New Moon is always the beginning of a new lunar cycle which is always a new beginning for you, for your life if you choose so. Consider un-cluttering your space, throwing out old books, “old knowledge”, old clothes, anything that does not represent you in this moment. Most importantly consider giving up old, habitual thoughts, habits and renew yourself mentally. You might also wish to detach and let go of old memories, attachments, ties to people who are not in your life anymore like old lovers, old business connections, friendships, loved ones who crossed over a while ago… You might actually consider to let go all memory pleasant or unpleasant, do not live from memory but be fully in the Now moment. What can you do in a completely new and fresh way? Those are great questions to ask yourself at Dark Moon since the lunar energy is supporting you, your psyche and your life.

All in all this Solar Eclipse, New Moon is a magical time and I suggest you don’t let it pass you by without receiving its powerful gifts.

Happy New Moon, everybody!
Copyright © 2017, Areolia Glück
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