Love’s Confusing Joy



All We Really Want Is Love’s Confusing Joy.” Rumi

V-Day, Valentine’s Day, or the Victory of Love Day is a wonderful, sweet day of the year. Isn’t it exciting when the cupids are allowed to fly around this time of the year and pierce our hearts and are the matchmakers to lovers of sorts? When romantic is given space in our modern, sterile lives? Of course we are talking about all sorts of interpretations of love, from the syrupy, emotional love to the eternal, hopeless love of Romeo and Juliet, anything in-between and beyond it as well. What do you celebrate on the V-Day? What do you make this day about? And how do you celebrate?

I celebrate Love’s presence, the inevitable Victory of Love over everything that is not love, the expansion and the sweetness, the infinite well of Joy it is when allowed, expressed, received and embodied. The only safety it is when we are rooted in Love. How untouchable we are in Love and how accessible at the same time!

Here’s to the magic, mystery and gift of LOVE we ARE!

Happy Love’s Day, everybody!


Copyright © 2017, Areolia Glück
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