Snow Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and The New Year Comet


Dear all,

there is an exciting astronomical event coming up, three of them actually happening on the same  day! February 10th or 11th, depending where you are on the planet we will have the chance to see in the celestial skies a so called Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. This is not a full but a subtle eclipse that occurs when the moon passes through the outermost shadow of the Earth – the penumbra – which then appear as a darker shadow moving across the surface of the moon, so it won’t be pitch black. It will be visible from 5:35 pm on the 10th to 9:53 pm ET (USA, East Coast) or from 11:35 pm CET on the 10th to 3:53 am CET am on the 11th with its maximum during the rise of the Full Moon in your area. The Snow Moon as it is called will be in Leo and will be rising at 7:32 pm ET on the 11th and 1:32 am in CET.

At the same time the “New Year Comet” which was discovered back in 1948 will be passing close to the Earth. It is said to be a mass of rock, dust, water and ice appearing blue-green with its trailing behind it. Nasa says on its website that the Comet 45 P – New Year Comet- visible after sunset over the last two months makes its closest approach with 7.4 million miles to Earth on February 11th. It will be visible in the morning sky in the constellation Hercules. The comet makes its way back to the inner solar system roughly every 5 years and will return again in 2022. You will need binoculars to spot this one. I wonder what information and frequencies the comet will be bringing from the inner solar system to us and back from us. In any case it will be a treat to watch if you are lucky enough to live in an area with clear skies and well equipped with binoculars. Of course our subtle bodies are not limited by space or visibility and do not need any equipment to to connect and tune into these beautiful celestial events wherever we are.

Energetically it is a charged and volatile time when anything can happen any time without any warning. There is great potency and potential for real shifts and changes. Things can go fast anywhere and turn around the next moment. We are getting used to move with that energy and adjust to the pace of these times. As always, our heart is our best guide and compass.

Happy celestial Weekend, everybody!

Copyright © 2017, Areolia Glück
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