The Order In The Chaos



Hello everybody!

Things have been intensifying even more lately creating a lot of havoc in the mass collective. It is not easy to see any rhyme or reason to what is happening and why, let alone to where this all is leading. So I went in, into the silent place in my being to let emerge what wants to emerge as information, as wisdom and clarity.

It is not easy to get a straight answer in the Divine Feminine mystery, if the question comes from your linear mind, that is. There is no time, there is no cause, no effect, no explanation, no reason, no rational logic, no order to anything in the Goddess. The Divine works in ways that are way outside of the realm of the mind. Any explanation for anything can only can come from or be filtered through the mind. In other words in the mystery, the reason why all this is happening is simply because it is. We can also safely say that asking the Goddess the question why is quite pointless, in my experience at least. You’ll mostly likely get an holographic answer. Being in empty silence and allowing Her wisdom to reveal a piece of Her mystery is the best way to go for me personally. So without any expectations I sit in emptiness, not needing to know anything, with a silent mind and open to all things.

There are many ways to look at things depending on your seat in the holographic theater watching the creation. From the mystic’s point of view there is a mighty river of destruction flowing through our world; Kali is uprooting everything, devouring what is not real, not fit for the Heaven on Earth that is coming. As it is always with Kali it is bloody, it is messy and it is chaotic. It appears to be there is no order, there is no rhyme or reason but looking at it closely you can feel and sense the absolute perfection behind it all : The Mother, in tune with every tiny bit of Her creation, knows exactly when, what and how to uproot, unleash and cleanse what She wants to destroy. She does it, as usual with great compassion and love. There is not one unnecessary or random move. The heat we feel, the tension is simply part of the process. We will all survive this process, this death, I am seeing, but only that part of us that is ready for the next phase of human evolution. Fear is the ego’s take on change, I am seeing and by Goddess there is plenty of it in the collective right now. “Fear of loss”, Kali says, “fear of losing life, love, of comfort, of possessions, of stability”. “And fear”, She says, “will not survive my river’s might”. “So what to do”, I ask, “what do you want us to do here?” “Surrender”, she says. Does this surprise me or anyone, really? “Surrender! Let go! What you’re holding on to I will tear away from you! What you cling on to you must lose.” Her determination, her fierce gaze looks only cruel to the mind, I feel the Grace, the compassion in Her heart. As always with the Goddess the wheel will turn and another era will dawn. I do not dare to ask Her about timing, I just look in Her black velvety eyes burning brightly that are now resting on me. “So what is it going to be”, is She asking. “Surrender or fight? I win this fight every time!”

From a different perspective in the hologram it seems like humanity collectively asked for another chance for rapid shift. Many, many are fed up with the same old, same old! We shifted on a new timeline and timelines of lower possibilities are collapsing very rapidly and merging into the One timeline of the Divine plan. In other words, Divine Will will happen, we get to choose how to get there. This creates a lot of tension, friction, stress and insecurity in the collective. We literally lose our vantage points of reality, thus our grip on reality as we know it, many times during the day. Nothing seems to stay where we put things mentally, there is an absolute chaos from the perspective of the linear mind that loves order and its security, its comfort. At the same time a new template for a higher version of the current reality is manifesting and anchoring in the collective. Walking in two different worlds is not new for us, we have been doing it for a long time. However something has changed fundamentally now. Until recently we would walk in one world and then shift to the other, go back and forth as though we are schizophrenic or leading two radically different lives simultaneously: shifting back and forth from chaos to bliss, from the old world to the new, from density to light. Currently we are experiencing both worlds in us, at the same time and we are challenged and called to find a balance between the two, let one collapse and merge into the other. We cannot go back and forth, there is no time lag or distance between the two anymore as all polarities are collapsing and everything is merging into one probability. I am not sure if I am making any sense to you, but this is the best my mind can do to translate what I have been shown. This is a new challenge we have to face since walking in one world while forgetting the other seems not to work anymore, at least for light workers. We need to be equally aware of the dying old world and let it merge into the New Earth template we are to anchor in our being. To be able to do that our full awareness of and conscious participation in the old world is required. Obviously this does not mean to participate in the old world as a part of it, but exactly in the the opposite: walking in the old world as a new world being. I am being shown that our two brain halves are coming together as one in a new way and our brains are being wired to deal with this challenge of dealing with two opposing realities at the same time. The human brain is trained to make one thing real and to eliminate everything that opposes that it deems real. We need to hold two mutually exclusive realities at the same time to let one merge into the other without our brains wanting to choose one making it the real reality. As always we are being assisted, supported and everything we need, all skills, resources will be made available to us. We just need to ask for it.

Let’s take a closer look into this and see what exactly it means to be in both worlds equally. I am being shown the tapestry that connects all life on this planet as well as the connections to the Heavenly Realms, angels, archangels, masters, star brothers and sisters, all the kingdoms, all of them are IN THIS. Our being awake and aware, being conscious is required, I am seeing and hearing. This is necessary to do the alchemical magic. While holding the old reality of fear, judgment, pain, suffering, hatred and at the same offering the vibration of Love, of Light, peace and joy will transform the lesser vibration instantaneously. Bit by bit the old world will simply dissolve into the Void as though it has never existed, I am being shown. That does not involve our reading newspapers or watching the news for hours daily. Nor does it necessarily involve political activism. If you are called to be part of sacred activism I truly applaud you, needless to say. It is a wonderful part to play. Yet most of us will probably be called to lesser obvious, yet equally effective actions. We are called not to isolate ourselves from the chaotic world that is getting more and more uncomfortable to live in our own “la la land of bliss”. We are called to alchemically transform the agony, fear, pain, suffering, terror, unconsciousness, injustice, inequality, harming the nature, anything that is not part of our core heart values. We are called to embody and offer the highest, purest LOVE we are capable of in the face of anything that is lesser than love. I am being shown the grids, the tapestry we are all part of. How we can do it is to simply send a little prayer, stand for what is precious to us in the face of anything lesser than love. We do not have to travel to places, to war zones, to protests to do that. We can do that at the convenience in our home, at our work place, on the streets driving, in the park, at the grocery store, I am being shown. Conscious, deliberate, powerful presence, grounding of LOVE reaches beyond the limits of time and space. Remember we are not battling the darkness, nor are we battling any ideology, any group of people, we are not here to change the minds of people nor their behavior. We are simply being asked to ground LOVE, to anchor the new template deliberately in the face of anything lesser than Heaven on Earth. You can do it while cooking, shopping, cleaning, driving, you can do it anywhere, anytime. All we have to do is to walk around the world with open eyes, be aware and awake, not numbed out, not being not lost in the drama, but stay fully grounded in Love. We are being assisted to do just that. Call your teams, your angels to walk with you!

There are a million ways to brighten up this world, angels! Let’s be creative! Let’s do this! Let’s let this happen!

Remember, all is well, always!

Copyright © 2017, Areolia Glück
This is copyrighted material. If you wish to share this information online in ANY form please make sure to share it INTACT and in its ENTIRETY with full credits given to the author(s), including a link to this website. To re-publish this material in any online or print media please request permission first. Thank you!



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