The Intensity of the New Moon


My dear readers across the globe,

I hope you’re surfing these REALLY wild waves with ease and grace. Things are getting crazier, more intense and there are lots of emotions floating around in the mass collective. I hope you’re constantly disconnecting from the collective and staying in your center. We definitely need to develop new skills in these times to not burn out, to stay in our center and to not get caught up in the madness in the out-picturing world and to embody as much light as possible. As usual there is no road map for this part of the journey so we create as we go. I strongly suggest that you are deeply connected to your on planet and off planet friends, your higher levels as well as to your physical form, to be deeply anchored in the body. While we do not want to make real what is going on in the world we also do not want to escape in a make believe world where none of these things are real and lose connection to the world. The only thing we need to be very vigilant about is to NOT TAKE the world in but to EMANATE our own light while being fully in the body, in the world, interacting with the world. I suggest you create a very strong anchor in your being that is true, that is real, that you can hold on to firmly and act from: ideally this is your higher self. Simply ask for it. Challenging times foster creativity and innovation, growth, so let’s hold on to what is real, and let these times bring out the best in us.

Today is Dark Moon, New Moon in Aquarius adding to the intensity of recent. By now we hopefully learned to embrace the intensity and dance with it instead of resisting it. A lot of subconscious debris is coming up and it might feel overwhelming. You might experience low level anxiety, tension, feel restless and loss. If you were tuned into the mass conscious you might feel confused and hopeless too. Many on the planet are going unconscious, “falling asleep” to avoid the intensity. So we need to be very vigilant to stay fully awake. It is crucial to stay away from mass media for the most part of the day, establish a spiritual practice of some sort where you deeply connect with your Self and nourish your body and soul, to honor yourself, your body, your courage to be on the planet in these times. Your commitment to be the Light to the best of your ability at any given moment is enough. Do not expect anything from yourself and never judge yourself. Instead love every bit of you! Regardless how things look like for you you are doing great! Please understand these are not “cliche words” of “love yourself” but truly essential for our overall well-being and for our journey on this planet in these times. I also encourage you to give yourself what you need instead of waiting for others to do it. If you find yourself not bathing in bliss please do not judge yourself. We are here to authentically feel what we feel and in it all remember who we truly are that IS bliss and ecstasy, that is Heaven on Earth. There is never anything wrong with what you feel: it is coming up for you to transform it not to judge it, ignore, deny or run away from it.

For many the ego is fighting a fierce battle. Please remember that you do not battle the ego which will only separate you from your Self and keep your vibration low. Simply love the ego. If you cannot love it, accept it…accept and embrace the you that cannot love. That will bring you back to who you really are: Love’s eternal presence that does not battle or resist. The ego may try to bring you back to its old ways, to old thoughts, patterns, to fear and suffering. Simply love it and gently yet powerfully state loudly who you are and that you are not following the lead of the ego anymore. And love love love more. See how you can assist others on their journeys instead of focusing on your own emotions. Love ourselves and each other is the only thing that will see us through in these times and get us collectively and safely to the shores of Heaven on Earth.

Here’s to you for just being incarnated!

May you blossom in Love!

Copyright © 2017, Areolia Glück
This is copyrighted material. If you wish to share this information online in ANY form please make sure to share it INTACT and in its ENTIRETY with full credits given to the author(s), including a link to this website. To re-publish this material in any online or print media please request permission first. Thank you!






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