Happy Endings, New Beginnings!


Hello everyone!

If you have been celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah or simply life itself I hope you are having a magical time. The Solstice has been very powerful and it has gifted us with a long awaited peace and grace period if you could allow yourself to have it. We could relax, truly stand still, expand and rest deeply while we experienced a huge energetic reset. We were bathed in bliss, in the joys of the holiday season. We have been having intense dreams, powerful activations and now we are in a process of huge release of the old. You might feel sort of numb or detached like nothing really matters to you, unable to feel much emotion. You might find yourself not even moved by all by things that used to be a drama for you. You might feel like you have been digging a tunnel for ages and you finally can see the day light at the end without quite knowing where. Please know that whatever your mind might want to make wrong about you is actually right about you. The truth is you are changing, shifting and if you compare your current self with the old you and judge yourself based on what was, your mind might take you for a really wild ride.

Just in time before the year 2016 ends, December 29th a New Moon in Capricorn is coming up. We are already feeling the energies of the New Moon. This is a great opportunity to release the whole last year, let go of what was and invite in a whole new beginning. For a couple of days now I have been feeling a little sad, like I am losing something, like things are ending and drifting away. It is a deep feeling, an inner reality thing that is going on. Looking deeper into it I realized that there is a lot ending, finishing, fading away, coming to a closure vibrationally in the collective, in the sub-psyche of humanity. The feeling of the same things coming at us over and over, the cyclical cycles, issues coming up after we thought we cleared them forever, in short the “Groundhog Day” kind of reality is coming to an end for good. This is a complete break from the past and the closure of major ancient cycles, guys! YAY for that! As we know if things end and vanish energetically the Universe always fills the empty spaces with new things, new energies so this is truly a time of big endings and great beginnings. Even though you might not be sure what the great beginnings are or could be I wish to invite you to use this New Moon, the dark of the moon, to release all you can into the Void and open to receive a really NEW life, new living for yourself. Remember New Moon is always the end of one cycle and beginning of a new one. This quality is very strong this New Moon and it gives us the opportunity to set the tone for the new year ahead, the new spiral dance around the sun until the next solstice. My suggestion is: Use this time wisely and consciously! The Universe is bringing the energy to our front door for our evolutionary thrust, to grow beyond what we were before and to re-create ourselves; all we have to do is to open the door and dance with the Universe!

Time destroys all things and we can be grateful for that since it gives us also the possibility to renew ourselves, our lives, to walk new paths, to make new connections. Instead of mourning a past that never was in truth, we can embrace the freshness and newness in the NOW and move forward into unknown territory. Commit to not be repetitive, challenge yourself to do things in new ways, to open to new thoughts and new ways, to  be innovative and creative. There is going to be very new things only waiting to be discovered and you do not want to stay in the old habitual patterns of your brain and miss them. Remember our pictures of reality create our world so be open to receive what is new, fresh and exciting and be willing to release the old habits, ways and things to dance with the new. Renew yourself in every way; buy new things and give away old stuff, re-decorate your home, do at least one thing  of your daily routine in a completely new way. Do things you’ve never done before and you thought you’d never do! And have fun with it!

Happy New Moon, everybody!

Copyright © 2016, Areolia Glück
This is copyrighted material. If you wish to share this information online in ANY form please make sure to share it INTACT and in its ENTIRETY with full credits given to the author(s), including a link to this website. To re-publish this material in any online or print media please request permission first. Thank you!

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