Last Super Full Moon of 2016


Hello everybody,

today is the last super full moon of the year! It is brighter and bigger than usual and very very powerful as well. Being in the sign of Gemini and bringing a giant wave of change, cleansing and activations it might make you feel disoriented, to say the least. I started to feel its influence days ago and today is the culmination. Very old, deep seated debris is being swept to the surface, it is emotional and at the same time quite mental; you might find yourself in the hamster wheels of your mind that are coming up to be released. Regardless how you might experience this full moon it is a potent time to consciously utilize to expand our consciousness, to clear what is not us and to release deep seated old emotional and mental debris and to shine brighter!

You might find that old, calcified patterns in your world are starting to move and collapse just by themselves, things that were not moving in a long time start moving. There is definitely a momentum that is pushing us forward and if you use this wave consciously we can move forward quite a bit. Our bodies are going through massive changes as well, releasing the old, literally shedding old cells, thus old consciousness at hyper speed. Being in fluidity, in movement in the body is very important. Do yoga, walk briskly for half an hour daily, enjoy a massage, shiatsu, and drink lots of water. Keeping the lymphatic system moving is very important. Also nettle leaf tea will help to detoxify and open channels to release the toxins out of the body. The bodies deserve our attention and love more than ever for they are doing their utmost to catch up with us.

Enjoy tonight’s Super Full Moon and the intensity it brings! When you tune in it also brings passion, excitement and ecstasy…Beauty as we are approaching the Winter Solstice that is only a week away. Another exciting gateway to move through. What a ride!

Happy Full Moon, everybody!

Copyright © 2016, Areolia Glück
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