New Moon ~ New Choices


With December knocking on our door this year is slowly wrapping up… the holiday season is upon us already. I love this time of the year.. the turning in, long nights, candles, hot chocolate, the smell of cinnamon in the air, putting up x-mas decorations, x-mas trees, watching x-mas movies, walking around in the city looking at the elegant x-mas lights, x-mas markets here in Vienna, carols, cookies…the whole magic of the holiday season…all the tacky stuff…yes, I love it all! I love that the  whole world seems to relax a little bit, smiling more and find some peace this time of the year.

The whole year has been kind of a blur so far so the time before and around the Solstice is a good time to center and gather ourselves, turn in, to relax and unwind and let the whole year settle in before the new year after the Solstice. November 29th 7:18 am ET, 4:18 am PT or 1:18 pm CET is New Moon in Sagittarius, another new beginning, another moon cycle of creation. There is Love in the air and a certain newness along with a fresh wind blowing through the ashes of the old, dying world. Another opportunity to renew ourselves with the Dark Moon, to reset our lives, our bodies, our reality, to set new waves from our hearts in motion, start anew. Think new, act new, know new, feel new…

Happy New Moon, everybody!

Copyright © 2016, Areolia Glück
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