All Bets Are Off Now!


Hello friends!

I hope everybody is through with the post-election trauma by now and is in a place of peace and calm. We are going through one acceleration after another and the frequencies have been reaching unprecedented levels on the planet lately. Everything, including the density on the planet is being lit up, is loosening and what was hidden and condensed is coming up more and more to the surface. There is a lot of schmutz flying around these days. 🙂 Nevertheless we are becoming more and more light! Needless to say this creates a lot of stress in the psyche, especially if you are not in synchronicity with what is going on. In my experience, the best way to surf this very wild wave is to flow with it, not to resist it and get used to not have solid ground under our feet. Otherwise you’ll feel like you’re caught in a landslide without end.

After the elections in the US we found ourselves in a very new and unusual space. Since humanity collectively voted for the fast track we moved into a timeline where it is very difficult to know what is coming at us next. All bets are off now! We are very much in an Alice-in-Wonderland kind of reality, people and things might not be what they appear to be and sometimes there is no telling who is who…anything can happen anytime, in ways least expected or never imagined. We cannot see what is awaiting around the next corner as things shift so rapidly. Expecting the unexpected and moving into the Unknown with an open heart and mind is a very good strategy right now! Who else is excited to play on this hyper, magical, accelerated game board? 🙂 We are co-creating our path, our reality moment by moment, by every choice we make. Nothing is preset, nothing is predictable in this quantum field of infinite possibilities. We are in a very heightened state of manifestation of every little choice we make. I pray humanity, every human being becomes aware of their power because we are changing the outcomes very rapidly by the choices we make and by the frequencies we offer to the world. Of course the destination, 5D Earth remains the same but humanity collectively co-creates the path there moment by moment. In other words we are deciding moment by moment the HOW of it. This is very exciting, to say the least. Individually and collectively humanity will need to be aware of its power and start using it with awareness instead of unconsciously by stepping out of control and power games, powerlessness or victim consciousness.


Remember that we don’t want to change other people, their reality or their points of view. We do not want to convert anybody to anything, nor do we want to make people understand us or accept what we believe is true. What we really want is to change, to raise the vibration on the planet. It is imperative that we become aware of our power, of how much we can shift the energy by just being and offering a higher vibration of love, of peace, of emptiness. It is very simple. Try this on:

The Universe re-arranges itself to accommodate your pictures of reality based on what you deem to be real and what you participate in as real on a regular basis.

You are the universe re-arranging itself to accommodate my pictures of reality.

I am the universe re-arranging itself to accommodate your pictures of reality.

Any political leader or system is the universe re-arranging itself to accommodate our collective pictures of reality.

Now, who holds the power in truth?

We urgently need to become aware of our own power to change and mold the reality very rapidly by the frequency we offer. At the same time we need to understand that this has very little or nothing to do with what we do or don’t. It has everything to do with what we make real in our universe. In other words if we collectively do not participate in anything as real we do not wish to see in the world it simply will not be our collective experience. In these accelerated times of the 4th dimensional reality manifesting is becoming more and more instantaneous. Have you ever sent love to an agitated person and watch them calm instantly in front of your eyes? Have you ever surrendered any outcome to the Universe and watch things unfold in magical ways? THAT, my friends is instant manifestation! We have that much power! Imagine what we can do collectively. Needless to say, if you feel called to sacred activism on the political arena, be part of grassroots movements I applaud you. Yet it is a lot more easy than that. We have a million ways to change and shift the vibration of anything that is right in front of us. Most of us will not feel called to large scale activism, but rather will deal with everyday life situations. Regardless what playground we play on we all have the same power to change the vibration on this planet. We just need to broaden the scope and range, the definition of sacred activism. We are activists in every moments of our daily lives if we are aware of it or not…if we are stay-at-home moms/dads, teachers, doctors, bus drivers, run companies or countries. So, what is it going to be for you?

with excitement,


Copyright © 2016, Areolia Glück
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