Who’s Got The Power?




Dear friends,

we keep sailing in uncharted waters at hyper speed, can you tell? Some are experiencing physical symptoms like nausea, dizziness, burning sensations in muscles or nerves. Many are frustrated by the political, social or economical situations that seem to get worse every day. Yet, as usual things are not as they seem to be! Everything, every little thing happening on the planet right now is happening because humanity collectively called it forth. Nothing is happening to us, but it is all happening for us, as they say.

Today I wish to share some thoughts with you I have been having about power lately. A short while ago a friend commented in a conversation that the power of corporations needs to be limited. Now, that triggered some observations in my consciousness. Who would limit the power of the corporations and who would police it then? And who gave power to them in the first place? Looking at the world situation we seem to witness power struggles, powerlessness, victims, perpetrators, power games of sorts…Why do we want to push seeming power back and forth from one group to another? What would it really change to shift false power back and forth between the players if humanity doesn’t empower itself and wake up to the only source of power, wake up from being victim to any corporations, state, government, system, you name it? Isn’t the whole old world order built on false power being shifted between seeming opposites? Isn’t now the time to wake up from the old power games and let something else, something truly different take its place? Aren’t we done with that yet?

Changing the outside reality is a strategy of the old world systems. If I change others, the system, how others do or don’t my own reality will change. If I can get rid of the bad guys life will be good. When did this EVER work? 🙂 The outside world is only a reflection of what is inside. What we see collectively is what the humanity made real internally. The outside reality is just the projected reflection of the inner realities, this is simply science. Why indulge in this separation and duality games and invest energy and time to manipulate others, the outpicturing world instead of changing the projector of it all?

What would it really mean to limit the power of any group in the system? Who gave them that power in the first place? What is power anyway and where did it come from? Who is in charge really? Are things really what they seem to be? Is any individual or group powerful by their own choice or by the choice of the collective? What is power, really and what is the source of True Power?

I know that I know that no individual or group has power over any other being for real! Power as it appears to be in the old world is only a delusional, false deity. True Power cannot be given or taken, limited or extended. It IS. All source of Power is Spirit; it is only the ego, the personality that believes to have power or not, to be a victim or a perpetrator, all phenomena of the game of polarity and duality where there is an “us and them”. True power just IS and it cannot be will-ed to anything, it flows through open hearts that have surrendered to the Higher Self, to Spirit, to the Divine Creator, whatever your word is. Personal power is only a misperception in the eye of the ego, it is not real. The ego does not have power, it lives in the delusion of having or losing power, struggling for power or celebrating it roles as victim or perpetrator.

Humanity is waking up, collectively deciding to lift all the veils, to uncover the underlying truths and by Goddess, it is not pretty what we see coming out from under the rugs and closets! Yet it is necessary for it all to be cleaned. Please do not make the appearances real; what we experience is simply leaving. Regardless how hard it tries it cannot take hold anymore, the magnetics on the planet make it impossible. So please do not buy into anything you hear and see on the planet these days. Instead open your mind and heart to something completely NEW that is emerging right in us! Let’s allow Spirit to change us from the inside out so the collective reality can change permanently. The faster we let go of making it real the faster it will fade away. The intensity is really a good thing, it fuels and catalyzes change, it wakes up every human being who wants to wake up themselves. It is all Divine Will, it is all the higher will of the collective of humanity as a species. All is well.

Copyright © 2016, Areolia
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