Dark Moon and Diwali, Festival of Lights



Dear ones,

I haven’t been communicating much lately; I have been basking in the intensity and actually watching in awe how things are unfolding on our tiny, amazing planet that is about to become the Star that She is. There are as usual hardly any words to describe what has been happening in the last couple of months and I am sure the next months will not be short of any surprises. The vibration of the planet is rising and rising exponentially and the mass collective and its subconscious are literally spewing out density and darkness. In short it is cleaning and laundry day on Gaia on the cosmic calendar! 🙂 So much is being tossed and turned around, so much debris is flying around and then there is this pristine clarity and purity that is available and accessible for all of us. We have been having some serious solar flares as well to amp up the game. If you are feeling disoriented, exhausted at a cellular level, mentally tired of trying to keep up with things just stop for a moment. Take a deep breath! And another! Feel your body, your heart, your Spirit and bring your Self more and more into your body, into your mind, merge and become One. All is well.

October 30th is Dark Moon and at the same time Diwali, the festival of Lights in Indian tradition. It is one of my favorites! I love lighting candles in the night, celebrating the darkness of the Moon as well as the victory of Light equally. It is also Halloween at the same time, so we can expect some potency there. 🙂 Life is always what we make out of it, so here I am inviting you to celebrate and honor this potent time with some little prayer, ritual of your choice or silent meditation or in whichever way you choose to bask in the darkness and Light that are ONE. Light those candles for humanity’s ascension in these restless, turbulent times, for Love’s victory, for the illumination of consciousness and for hearts alight with Compassion, for Truth to be revealed, for Peace in every mind and heart! Because we can! We could change the face of the Earth overnight if our hearts united and our minds surrendered to the One!

We are in the season of Scorpio; death, darkness, deep seated fears as well as sub-psyche are the themes. The “ghosts” of our past hidden in closets are also coming forward to be released. It is a time to face our shadow and lovingly send it all to light. Be aware of your dreams and pay attention to them more in these days as your subconscious is communicating with you via dreams. You might find yourself to be more empathetic, sensitive and open to the unseen realms during Scorpio’s reign. What are you afraid of most and why? What is behind your deepest fear? Can you see through it and come on the other end of it? What are you hiding behind that fear that is YOU? It can be a great time to explore and to strip down all the layers of illusion that cover the Truth of Who We Are.

This upcoming New Moon will also be the beginning of the 28 days creation cycle when we will have the presidential elections in the USA. It promises to be a restless time bringing about a lot of change within a very short period of time. I can feel the crescendo of the waves that is about to crash upon us and I feel ecstasy. I know and feel in my bones everything is happening for us divinely and nothing is as it seems to be. There is a great amount of humor in all of this and I hope we all can see it and let go of the seriousness the mind usually loves. It is a time to bless what is and what appears to be! To bless those who love us, and those who hate us. To bless people who misunderstand and misinterpret us. Bless everything and everybody and first and foremost bless yourself, end all war within and without, come clean and start anew. Bless your hopes and visions, bless your fears and your shortcomings, bless what you have and bless what you don’t. This New Moon is a perfect time for a New Beginning…and really, in Truth every day, every moment is.

Happy New Moon, Happy Diwali and Happy Halloween, everybody! And people, please don’t forget to vote!

Copyright © 2016, Areolia Glück
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