Happy Equinox!



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Hi dear ones!

How is everybody doing? I sure have been feeling like jumping realities, dimensions many times a day lately. There is a very different, a NEW energy ahead I have no words for, nor would I dare to put it into a familiar box. It is very new and unknown, so we better open our hearts and arms and welcome it and enjoy the ride. The change of something, whatever that is, feels very palpable, very tangible. I feel every bit of my being opening up, very tender, soft, a bit unsure yet present, surrendered. It feels like I am floating in the winds of change with no thing worth holding on to. Up and away we go into the unknown.

When I say unknown I feel that a part of me is already there, it knows it all very well. It is where a part of me exists. It is only unknown to the mind, to the mental, emotional and physical body consciousness. Yet how it will all unfold and how it will all show up is unknown even to that part! That is the magic of it, the joy, the excitement, the unknown if you will. So I feel we are in best hands and we can truly surrender to what ourSelves know and enjoy every  bit of this wild ride while we move through yet another threshold.

We are already in the Equinox gateway and it is officially tomorrow, the point of balance in time where day and night, light and dark are in total balance, in total embrace. Our bodies, our psyche can take a deep breath, expand into this equilibrium, into the neutral state of balance dropping any weight, any burden, any struggle that is fading away anyway. I experience it like I am a very thin sheet, thinning and thinning, expanding and dissolving into infinity. I feel space, I feel expansion and release of a lot of tension from the mass collective at so many levels. Yeah, it almost feels like the wars, battles going on globally are losing their gusto, their power while magnetics drop. We have been going through thorough purging lately and it seems this is the time of expansion, of almost weightless floating and letting us carried to a very new space in each and every way. It feels like there is nothing to do but BE, let it all go what we made real so far and surrender to something very new and yet unknown, like a cosmic massage, like soothing, regenerating, relaxing waves going through my whole being. It feels very good, deeply restoring too! If you wish to feel those waves just breathe and expand, feel your whole being thin out and out into a transparent sheet that is weightless. Feel the floating, the lightness….and let the cosmic massage waves enter your whole being. I am sending them to you to receive while you’re reading this. Enjoy your cosmic spa treatment! Let yourself carried away! We more than earned it! 🙂


with so much Love,

Copyright © 2016, Areolia Glück
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