Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces!

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Dear ones,

how have you been? It has been wild, awesome, exhausting, expanding, contracting and an up and down journey for so many lately. But hey, what is new, right?

Here’s a little info on where we are right now energetically… We are approaching the Fall Equinox gateway on September 22 (in the northern hemisphere) and a rare Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces is just tomorrow. We all feel the effects of it all strongly already. There is a great deal of pressure on our bodies at a cellular level. Purging, clearing, activating, expanding while going through contractions is happening big time. We all might experience it all differently in our own unique way, yet it affects all life on the planet and beyond. If we are blissed out of the planet at times and screaming in despair “I cannot take this anymore” at others, it is intense and miraculous regardless. Remember we are clearing millennia of unconsciousness, debris and distortions out of the mass collective, out of our sub-psyche, out of our atomic, subatomic structures while the planet is doing the same. It is an auspicious moment in “time” in each and every way. There is no other time I would rather be and miss the grand show, what about you?

I don’t know what on the other side of this Equinox gateway is but I certainly feel in my bones that there is big change ahead. When I feel into the future I can clearly feel that there is no way I can go there from what is known to my mind. I can only feel the energetics of it, unable to put it into words. Everything is so open, so malleable that we create and co-create the collective reality as we go. Each moment is open to infinite possibilities of Heaven on Earth. So what is the best way to navigate these times, would you say? I find it best to let myself be guided and moved as Spirit wants to move me. I witnessed so many times that when I left things to the Universe I ended up in places I have never have intended because I didn’t know they existed. Today I saw something Nassim Haramein posted on Facebook: Your participation in the Universe is critical. I say, YES! And of course, there is no way NOT to participate in something that we ARE, right? So whatever we do or don’t, whatever we are or aren’t we are participating with the Universe, because we are IT! We matter, like every bit of creation does! So, if the question is what to do and be best in these times, I’d say it is best to not even have an intention and let ourselves fully be moved by the higher realms and sit back and enjoy the ride! They sure know what they’re doing!

Happy Full Moon with a Lunar Eclipse in Pisces, everyone!

Copyright © 2016, Areolia Glück
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