Happy Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse!



Whew! I can hardly keep my feet on the ground these days, being blown away by the influx of the new frequencies. What an intense and joyous ride! I am loving every bit of it! Everything sped up another notch and veils are practically dropping fully for those who cleared their vision and are able to see with their hearts. Metamorphosis is the name of the game while lower possibilities are collapsing and we are moving into the higher possibility timelines! How do we do that, I hear you asking. 🙂 Well, by making it real, by living it, by applying it, by making it the only reality for you. That is our part, by calling it forth, by embodying it, by making it a living, breathing reality in us and around us. This is how we bring Heaven to Earth, isn’t it?

We are morphing into what we are naturally by simply recognizing that we ARE it already. We are not going anywhere and there is nothing to wait for. Heaven is just a choice away, a conscious command for it to be so. It is very creative and  very exciting, this “Heaven making” business. If Heaven on Earth is to become reality for the masses somebody will have to bring it about, start living it. There will always be the first ones who “see” things others cannot see and act upon them for it all to become common reality, right? In other words, until the collective can see Heaven and experience Heaven as reality the ones who are bringing it about will be viewed as crazy, like they are mad and hallucinating. Therein lies the challenge of our work, we need to make real what the mass collective discards as unreal, is completely unaware of and we need to make unreal what they religiously live and believe in to be the only reality. So keep your course and don’t ever turn back or towards mass collective that is catching up and you are leading the way.

With this Full Moon in Aquarius with Lunar Eclipse very new encodements and light frequencies are flooding our bodies and the planetary grids. My body has been buzzing in excitement and delight while I am becoming more and more aware, lucidly aware of many realities I am existing in…in other forms, dimensions and worlds. They are all blending into my consciousness…time and space are completely losing their hold. New connections are being made and everything is firing in the brain. It is an exciting time in each and every way. Our heart cups are being filled, flowing and overflowing with Universal Love, Bliss and Ecstasy.

Sending you all the almost unbearable lightness and delight of this Full Moon, dear ones!

Copyright © 2016, Areolia Glück
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