Happy Lughnasadh and New Moon Celebrations


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Dear ones,

it is hard to believe that we are half way between summer solstice and fall equinox already! Today is Lughanasadh and tomorrow is New Moon! I have learned that according to the Vedic Astrology this new moon will be occuring in Ashlesha, the kundalini snake star of wisdom. It is said that this snake’s poison represents a very powerful medicine that can bring in the light of liberation. I really like that! Ready to be bitten by this snake of star wisdom? I sure am!

This new moon is a new beginning in creativity, in the fiery Leo. Lughnasadh in Gaelic tradition is the celebration of the first harvest, it also marks the beginning of the noticeable descent of the sun into the winter. Lughnasadh brings in the joy, the celebration of the first fruits we harvest. Most of us are not farmers so our crop is the gifts we have received through our diligence, our commitment to our inner growth, to our Spirit. It is the time of actually “eating”, incorporating into our lives all the work we have done in the inner realms.You might wish to take time today to celebrate your inner harvest and to enjoy the gifts you have received since the Summer Solstice. In life there is always something to celebrate and something to celebrate it with, right? 🙂

Enjoy the celebrations of Life, the New Beginnings that are present in each Now moment!The surf has been very high lately, the frequencies very powerful and the transformations deep. The best way to surf any wave is to go with it, to not resist it and to enjoy it as much as possible. It always changes some time in some way, and it always brings gifts. To reap them just flow with it and open yourself up to it. Life always gives us what we need in every moment….Live with gusto, engage fully in whatever presents. Life doesn’t have to go the way our minds plan or want. In fact it is a current we are here to ride on, we are not directing it… it is flowing through us, it is moving us.

in delight,

Copyright © 2016, Areolia Glück
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One thought on “Happy Lughnasadh and New Moon Celebrations

  1. I love the current see of this creative vision…may we all be blinded by this Light (and as that old saying goes: “What you see is what you get!” Namaste


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