Happy Capricorn Full Moon



How is the intense, strenuous Full Moon in Capricorn treating you, dear ones? It is highlighting all hidden places in the collective psyche, bringing up a lot of emotion, a lot of obsolete belief systems from the sub-psyche.  As we all know there is nowhere to hide anymore, everything is up for a review. It has been very intense, violent and exhausting on the planet the last couple of weeks.  The destruction and violence as well as insanity levels seem to increase day by day and we don’t even enough time to digest the occurrences before the next one hits. Many beings are stressed at so many levels, physically, emotionally and mentally. There is no way to have control over anything going on right now which seems to be the main source of stress on all levels for folks. Our bodies feeling the rapid and radical planetary changes are in stress as well. Everything what humanity collectively relied upon as their security and safety base keeps revealing itself as insidious, corrupt or unreliable. No social, political, economic system is a refuge anymore. There seems to be nothing to hold upon to feel “safe”, while there is no way to control the outside reality. Losing control has never been easy for the human mind. The mental, emotional and physical levels in human collective consciousness are constantly looking for ways to hook into familiar systems or to numb themselves out of this ever increasing stress and collective fear. We all know there is nothing to hold on to anymore.

Needless to say it is very difficult for the human mind to see these current events as evolution, as ascension or anything near divine. I cannot blame the mental levels for that which are created to make real what they can see, measure or touch. Yet we will need to find a way out of this giant wave of fear we collectively created and are drowning in. At some point we will need to surrender to these changes and let go of the need to control. The level of discomfort is proportional to the level of fighting for control and trying to go back to the familiar that is no more. In the human psyche there is this deep seated fear of losing something that we seemingly own. It can be anything or anybody, your money, your house, your spouse, your health, your car, your reputation, you name it. The first step out of this insecurity and collective angst the humanity is going through is to see things as they are: to admit that there is no way to control anything and let go of even trying. We will need to breathe and expand into our new energetic environment. Haven’t we all noticed that nothing is as it was anymore? As frightening as it appears to be we need to dare out of contraction and expand into our new space, accepting the fact it is what is NOW and not struggle to go back to the old and familiar. There is no way back. Even though the NEW appears to be so frightening, and our eyes have not seen it yet, we need to expand and allow in faith. We need to find a place of openness in our being to let something unfamiliar, something bigger to enter our consciousness, our reality, our bodies, instead of fighting for control.

Whatever your way is, wherever you find the “Greater than you” within you I encourage you to turn to it. Pray if that has been your way to align with a Greater power than you. Go to the church, meditate, do yoga, go to nature, paint, dance, whatever connects you to your Divinity, please do pursue it. Not only for your own sake but also for the sake of all humanity. You might find yourself very exhausted and in constant discomfort emotionally, physically and even mentally. It hasn’t been easy for most of humanity, we all feel the sadness, the grief, the shock, the loss of so many lives, the violence, the fear going on even if it is not happening directly in our reality. We all get affected by it, if we know about it or not. So be gentle with yourself, do not forget to breathe and regardless how uncomfortable it all feels do your best to relax and expand into and through it…Expansion is the opposite of contraction and it is the direction of growth and it is how Love moves. Love as much as you can, for your own sake… 🙂


Happy Full Moon, everybody!

Copyright © 2016, Areolia Glück
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