The Old World Crumbling

Marius Michael George

Artist: Marius Michael George


Dear ones,

as the old world keeps crumbling in a very rapid and dramatic manner we see a lot of violence, destruction of all kinds, polarization and separation on the planet. Institutions, structures are breaking down, taboos are being broken, truth is surfacing everywhere we look. Many people are waking up from their slumber feeling betrayed and lost. When I spoke of renewal, regeneration and hope in my last post here it certainly must have sounded like I live on a different planet than many. In truth, there is no destruction, no dissolution of anything without something new emerging. Please always keep that in mind! Every end is, as we all know, a new beginning, every death is a rebirth even though it might appear otherwise in the beginning. The new might not always be visible to the eye that is so connected to the mind. We need to get used to see with our hearts to see beyond the visible. That is why the frequency of hope is so important. Hope not as in high hopes, expectations but as in faith that we are always safe and there is a higher plan behind everything that is already bringing the New World upon us.

It is very easy to get caught up in the opinions of all kinds in mental levels as well as feeling alienated from the world at all watching all these scenarios playing out. For those of you who are empaths you might feel a constant sense of discomfort day and night. You are feeling the unrest, the unease, the tension and the fear in the collective and all in vain might be searching for the reasons in your personal life, blaming yourself, your work, your partner or you name it. It might feel like everything on the planet has gotten out of control and there is no one sane steering the whole thing. You might have lost all your trust in legal, social, political systems as they are all falling apart making space for new, more heart-based systems. Please find the place of knowing in your heat that everything is being steered and journeyed divinely even though it might not appear that way. It is our job now to hold on to what is new, what is real, what is true which is only Love in my world. Love is the only reality, the only truth and the only constant while everything is falling apart. Please keep yourself, the whole world and humanity in the deepest, truest Love in your heart so we may move through these challenging times with as much ease and grace as possible. Do not engage with the old world in any way, with what does not feel like Heaven to you, that is our biggest contribution to the New World. It is a challenge to walk in two so innately opposite worlds. We can always call forth the Violet Flame to transform and transmute all density in and around us. Ask always for the highest possibilities of anything pushing your ego’s wants and needs aside. Let’s always keep the bigger picture in mind. It is our job to not be part of and stay out of any duality or polarity, to not hold a position in all kinds of dualistic scenarios playing out on the planet, be it racial, political, religious or social. In these times when we are shocked by what we see in the outside world let’s keep our focus in our hearts and make that real. Just try to give yourself the permission and the freedom to not have an opinion about anything or anybody. Know that all is well. Be in the space between the thoughts, between the in-breath and out-breath.Give yourself the gift of being neutral, and not getting caught up in fear and despair. Let us hold on to Love with all our passion, with all our might, with all our heart…for Love is the only safety.

Copyright © 2016, Areolia Glück
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