Emerald Dreams

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Hi everybody!

How is everyone doing? As usual it has been quite a journey lately. Just when we thought it cannot go further than that here has been more polarization and separation to be observed in the outside world, especially in the realm of politics and societies. The exit vote of the UK from the EU brought in a wave of more fear, insecurity, doubt and separation. Even though it was hard for me to watch the UK drifting apart from the rest of Europe I now can see clearly what it means. The old structures are tumbling down more and more…anything giving false sense of security, safety, anything that is not based on Love and Unity in the outside world must go. This is a radical universal sale, isn’t it? EU is obviously one less thing to cling on and consider to be a constant safe haven in our reality.

We moved through the very emotional dark moon/new moon in Cancer, when the emotional surf was very high. Many were hit by waves, sometimes tsunamis of emotions they didn’t know where they were coming from. As the new moon energy is ebbing down we are finding ourselves more on a peaceful shore, sailing calmer waters.

Last night in dream time, in higher realms I was in the presence of an indescribably beautiful emerald stone, one that is unmatched by the beauty and magnificence of any emerald in physical form. It was spinning and yet it was standing still at the same time. There are no words to describe the elegant shape and form of this brilliant gem. It was moving around me, I could at the same time feel, smell, taste and touch it, and know it actually. Its green frequency was so delicious, so healing to body, mind and soul! So gentle yet so powerful! It was magically making everything new, bringing in hope,renewal, regeneration, it was opening, expanding and deepening all at the same time. I was in ecstatic bliss in the merger with the consciousness of this magical emerald. It was so new and at the same time so familiar, so close and so accessible and its frequency is still in me and around me. I thought I’d share this with you so you can connect to this beautiful energy yourself if you wish to do so.

The healing, soothing, regenerating energies are flooding in right now, bringing in hope and certainly a new beginning, renewal and regeneration of our reality. Things are calming down and expanding. It is still a time of emotional intensity where you might feel more acutely these days. If your body has been contracted lately, if you have been feeling tension, physically, emotionally and mentally consider playing with the water element. Mineral baths, soothing massages, stretching, as well as magnesium and vitamin B-complex may help your body to relax deeply. Also let’s do not forget our magical essential oil, like lavender that greatly assists in relaxing the body. Connect to the nature, breathe deeply, relax. Everything is in divine order and all is well.

with emerald Love,

Copyright © 2016, Areolia Glück
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