Lookin’ for somethin’?



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Image Source: I wish I knew!
Everybody is looking for something, aren’t they?
No matter what you are searching for
your new lover,
a new job,
a brand new car,
a house, 
a friend… 
better health…
Or even if you are after
your purpose in life,
a meaning to it all…
the point of the story
or even if you’re after finding yourself!
seeking to know
to understand…
Or maybe you’re looking for
your self-worth,
You are doomed to be searching forever, my friend!
What you are looking for, in Truth,
cannot be found…
The very fact that you are searching
is separating you from whatever you’re after.
Nothing has ever been found in separation.
So you might as well stop…
Give up all searching and finding…
What a concept of duality!
Stop playing hide-and-seek,
Call back all your search troops. 
Decide it is all here…
Right there where you are.
Where you’ve never looked yet…
And start enjoying it all for once.
Wishing you magic and miracles in your days! 
Copyright © 2016, Areolia Glück
This is copyrighted material. If you wish to share this information online in ANY form please make sure to share it INTACT and in its ENTIRETY with full credits given to the author(s), including a link to this website. To re-publish this material in any online or print media please request permission first. Thank you!

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