The Mighty River of Change


Hi everybody!

How are you holding up these days? The intensity is off the charts again. It has been quite a challenge for many lately. Many are experiencing extreme and unusual physical symptoms that are mostly related to the changes in the magnetic grids of the planet. High frequency light is hitting the planet and bringing up all the darkness, all the density. There has been a lot of “schmutz” flying around. So here’s a little magic for you: While you’re reading this, if you wish so, let all the schmutz be taken up, out and away from you, up to the sun. Feel the lightness. Take a long breath in…and out. Also let your mid-line be strengthened to the planetary changes and to the higher frequencies of light, so they don’t throw off your physical systems. So be it!

A lot of survival issues, fear of death and fears related to all kinds of survival have been surfacing. If you find yourself worrying about the future all of a sudden, or have a constant low level anxiety, sudden panic attacks the best thing to do is to surrender to all the changes. Even if your mind cannot see them the planet as well as the inner realities are shifting at a nauseating pace. The mighty river of change is flowing through all of us and it will not stop nor will it pass by us without changing our life, body and consciousness. There is no way to stop this river or change its course. There is no holding on anymore. The only thing we can do is to surrender. Surrender all your fears, all you are holding on to, all that seems to be taken away from you. Let the mighty river do its job and take us where it wants to take us. It is beyond our control or influence. It is our collective higher will that is moving the river, so let’s surrender! There is nothing to hold on to.

You might find some cleansing baths very useful as well as the cleansing effects of all elements. There is nothing more liberating than standing in the wind and letting go of all mental junk. An epsom salt bath can purify your physical and emotional body. Meditating on the purifying quality of fire on a candle can bring a lot of liberation. A barefoot walk on the beach or even on your garden lawn can neutralize your energy. Smile! We are all together in this! All is well!

Copyright © 2016, Areolia Glück
This is copyrighted material. If you wish to share this information online in ANY form please make sure to share it INTACT and in its ENTIRETY with full credits given to the author(s), including a link to this website. To re-publish this material in any online or print media please request permission first. Thank you!

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