Death, A Sacred Mystery

13 Moon Alchemy

Persephone_Kiniko Y. Craft

Artwork: Kiniko Y. Craft


Not the ego’s understanding of death…

But the Truth about Death…

Death of sorts…

as in change…


and of course leaving the physical form Death…

Death as in starting with the birth.

What is  born must die

in the flow of eternal Life.

Death as in change from one form into another…

and into another…

and back into formless Void…

where all creation comes from and returns to.

The Truth about Death 

Once told and understood 

makes one really LIVE Life 

beyond death and birth

in constant re-birth

Ecstasy and true aliveness.


Ego’s fear of death 

is only fear of losing its control

of losing false identities of the small self. 

The death shroud only lifts

the veils of distortion…

Really, what dies is

only what was not real anyway…

The ego’s misperceptions



masks and roles

the small me me me

all in…

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