Why Heaven? And What Golden Drops?

golden rain

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Lately I have been asked by some of you why I chose the domain name “Golden Drops of Heaven”, what heaven I am talking about and what on Earth are golden drops. It seems I owe you all an “explanation”. 🙂

Heaven to me, is the New World, the 5th dimensional realities, if you will, or the place where our Higher Self, our True Self dwells. The state of being, the reality that is beyond and behind this third and fourth dimensional reality, the next higher density is what I  and many call Heaven. This is the state we are returning to, humanity as well as the planet Earth, Gaia, Terra that is a star in higher dimensions.

Why golden drops? In my perception and inner knowing Heaven, our natural state of being, already exists. In other words we exist in all dimensions, in all states and in form as well as in formlessness simultaneously. We are not becoming something we are not, rather the two dimensional realities, 3rd/4th and 5th dimensions are merging into one while the 3rd and 4th dimensional realities dissolve. In other words we are becoming what we already are, so the New is not really NEW, it just has never been known or experienced in this reality on this planet by humanity before. Before we became 3rd/4th dimensional we already existed and have kept existing in the 5th dimension. Remember this is a holographic universe; everything exists in everything and everyone.

The drops are the 5th dimensional fragments that are being inserted through the open “cracks” into our reality, into our dimension like rain drops falling on parched soil, infiltrating and reviving it. This process we call ascension. Very simple, very natural, isn’t it? The golden drops of Heaven are raining upon us, upon our planet incessantly and activating the memory, the seed of the Heaven in and around us. This rain is sometimes gentle, sometimes a heavy shower, but rain it does ceaselessly. That’s where my metaphor of the golden drops of Heaven comes from. The cracks are the openings, the fissures in the 3/4 dimensional reality that are getting bigger and bigger as we speak and the light flooding through them is becoming stronger and stronger. Exciting, isn’t it?

As I already mentioned all realities, everything exists at time same time. Nothing, truly no thing is ever separate from us. As the veils between the worlds thin Heaven is becoming more and more accessible, available and more and more real each passing moment. All we need is to allow it to show and to look beyond, to be open and accessible for it. Heaven is truly within. Everything we’ve ever wanted, we’ve ever needed is within, and it is becoming more and more real. Remember Heaven on Earth is a state of being! It is not a place, it is not a situation, a lover, financial prosperity or anything your mind would imagine it is. Each and every one of us hold a piece of Heaven on Earth and we all have our own versions of it. Since it is neither a place nor a thing to possess but a state of being and it is inside of us we have access to it in each now moment. Not only do we have access to it but we also have the possibility to experience it, live it and express it, to bring out. Being the co-creators of Heaven on Earth on this planet collectively, this is not only a choice but also our prime directive if we are following our Spirit. It is truly so natural and if we just allow it reveals itself easily and effortlessly. We just need to stop listening to the ego/mind that constantly tells us what we are or are not, we want, what we need and what we lack. If we stop following the hopes and dreams of our ego/mind and listen to our hearts, listen to what we are really here for, the state of Heaven reveals itself from within. Just ask yourself:

If you had no personal will at all, if your Spirit was fully in charge directing your life, your mind, your words, thoughts and actions, where would you be right now?

What would you be doing?

And most importantly HOW would that FEEL?

You might not get a clear answer to the first two questions, because what we do and where we are mostly changes constantly. But the feeling of it, how Heaven feels, your own personal piece of Heaven on Earth, the signature does not change! Every time you FEEL it, every time you follow it, you make it real for you, you call it forth and express it, describe it, engage with it, become fascinated by it, and become practically obsessed by it you bring Heaven to Earth! It is that simple! Every time you accept nothing less but Heaven and only make Heaven real and it becomes your singular focus, the only thing that matters you is live Heaven you embody a piece of Heaven on Earth! It is that easy! If that is so natural for you that you do it with every breath and every step you live permanently in Heaven! You are Heaven! You become your own source of Heaven that is constantly expanding and growing. It is that natural. Every word you say, every song you sing becomes a golden drop of Heaven that activates Heaven in everyone around you. You become living, breathing embodiment of Heaven where no need, no suffering, no wanting exists. You constantly expand upon yourself. It is that ecstatic!

If we are serious about changing the world, if we passionately want to co-create and live in and leave a better world to the next generation this is our only choice. Imagine the critical number of people living Heaven on this planet regardless the appearances the collective reality would have to shift in frequency to match it, wouldn’t it? This is exactly what we are doing here. Bit by bit, piece by piece we are removing anything that is not Heaven and seeing and living what IS…once we know how it FEELS like (not how it looks like to our eyes) we know how to do that. So just allow what is already within! Live Heaven! Here and Now! Why not!


Copyright © 2016, Areolia Glück
This is copyrighted material. If you wish to share this information online in ANY form please make sure to share it INTACT and in its ENTIRETY with full credits given to the author(s), including a link to this website. To re-publish this material in any online or print media please request permission first. Thank you!



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