Happy New Super Moon!

New Moon

Image Credits: NASA


Hi dear ones!

Today is New Moon… again! Time has been accelerating beyond measure…This one truly deserves a little more attention: It is a super moon, moon that appears bigger when it is closer to the Earth. This powerful New Moon on earthy Taurus stirs a lot, affecting very deeply rooted stuff, so if you feel confused, scattered, aimlessly wandering around you can blame that on the New Moon. 🙂 At the same time there is a very nurturing energy with this New Moon, the Great Mother as well as the feeling something very new, unexpected is just about to happen. We can feel it strongly yet it is still not visible. This New Moon is bringing in truly very new energies that will gradually become visible inside and out. There has been an Eta Aquarid meteor shower going on so a lot of new, starry frequencies are hitting our planet as well. All in all there is some very exciting stuff going on on the planet if we have the eyes to see it. Just look beyond… more to that in another post…

What I am doing today is to nurture myself, my heart and soul, to let myself be loved by the Divine Mother and to breathe and expand, to make room for the New. Going inward and expanding into the empty Void is so nurturing and renewing! I hope you’ll give yourself that gift as well. Also reaching out in love and caring for our loved ones as well as for troubled peoples and areas on the planet and to light those up, send love and light is a very good idea. It will reinforce and strengthen the flow of Love in and around us.

Happy, Blessed, Joyful, Peaceful, Nurturing New Moon to all of you,

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