In Limbo Between Worlds

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Hello dear ones!

I trust you are all dancing in the moonlight and enjoying every moment of being alive!

Today, during my explorations I came across the term “visual agnosia disorder”. It is the phenomenon seen with people who spent their whole life or most of their life completely blind and later in life gain physical sight. They can physically see yet have problems with depth of field, shape, size and distance. Basically their eyes work perfectly but the brain haven’t learned to process the information they receive through their eyes. In other words they are mentally blind! To recognize, identify and interpret objects they see they still rely on their touch, their old way of perception. Their understanding of the three dimensionality is very limited and confounding to them. They have difficulty with scanning and putting the whole picture together. They lack visual memory and thus have difficulty to read with their eyes. The images, colors have no meaning to them, they have difficulty to define shape and distance, they are confused by new images, new things they see. They cannot, for example, tell the difference if they see a car or an image of a car. The eyes lie, the eye sight plays tricks on them, like they do on us all to a certain degree, but our brain learned to tell the difference from experience. They have to learn to trust their instincts.

These people have to learn to see just like we all learn to speak. Perception, sight, life is all about experience, about reaching out and exploring it all for ourselves. It is not enough to see, they’ve got to learn to look, to really look. Their brain needs to create new synapses, neurons, new pathways to process all the visual data just like the brain of a baby does.

To quote Alberto Valvo in his book “Sight Restoration After Long Term Blindness” one must die as a blind person to be born again as a sighted person. It is the interim, the limbo between the worlds that is so terrible. You see all the good stuff happening out there you just need to get there.

As humanity we are exactly in the very same phase in our evolution: We have been blind to the dimensional sight beyond the 3rd dimension for a very, very long time! Most of us cannot even remember how it was to see beyond the 3rd dimension. Even though the 5th dimension is all around us already, available and accessible to our sight, our brain cannot see it, we are mentally blind to the subtle realms! We get glimpses of the subtle realms but we cannot often make sense of them because we haven’t learned to look,  to really look. We still mostly rely on our old ways of perceiving things, or physical sight and our analytical brain to make sense of things. Yet our surroundings are constantly expanding into the 5th dimension and we get confused by the new energies we see we have never seen before. Fifth dimensional images, colors, forms have little to no meaning to us as well as a source of discomfort and fear. Just like people with visual agnosia we have to learn to die as three-dimensional sighted beings to be born as a five-dimensional sighted beings! We have to learn to process all the new information, new data and let our physical brain catch up with all the new “good stuff”. And we are in this interim, in this limbo in-between the worlds that we experience as so discomforting at times. We are neither here nor there. We are aware of our blindness and we don’t yet have full sight. We see, perceive things we cannot make sense of. And just like people after a life-long  physical blindness we need to experience, to reach out and explore the New for ourselves. There is nobody that can tell us how to see or what to make out of what we see. We are all on a new terrain here and just like newborns we have to explore the New World for us, reach out and look, really learn to look and experience it all for ourselves and make our own sense of it. Isn’t that exciting and worth the discomfort of the limbo we are in? Have fun looking and seeing! And please do share what you see with the world! It might inspire others to look and see as well!


Copyright © 2016, Areolia Glück
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