Times of Polarity ~ Times of Unity

These are exciting times…challenging times… wondrous times…These are times of extreme polarity and times of great Unity. These are times that require everything from us.

If you are one of those who have been impatiently waiting for Heaven on Earth to show on planet Earth for at least a decade or two you might be wondering if you are still on the right train. Or if the train is still on the right track? We have known that the end times would be chaotic, we have been warned, we were prepared for this. Yet it seems we have not imagined it to be that intense, that crazy, that “out of control” in each and every way. On the political and social levels we mostly experience what appears to be a time travel especially in Europe. The ghosts of the post WWI era, populism, nationalism and xenophobia seem to have risen from the grave and seriously playing out in the collective field. The society seems to be grandly divided in the ancient fronts of “left” and “right” and anything one says or does will be put into either one or the other box. Violence in many forms is growing every day. There is quite a horror movie playing in a constant loop in all theaters globally. It is surreal, and it does not look a bit like Heaven on Earth we have been promised.

At the same time Unity consciousness is growing too even though it is not as visible as polarity. People all over the world are uniting for a New World, for real change, tired of the familiar ways of doing and being. And some of us just lost every bit of interest in the outside world and pulled our whole being into our shells and are waiting for the storm to wash over us and for all of this to end.

Regardless what your choice has been in these “end times” you are on the right train! And the train is sure on the right track because there is only one destination “Ascension”! Regardless what you have been doing you have been assisting in the arrival of Heaven on Earth in the collective field. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here! If the Universe had not thought it was a good idea for you to be in a body on this planet right here and right now you literally wouldn’t be here! This goes for every single being, from the most polarized to the most advanced souls inhabiting this planet these days. Regardless how things and people appear every single person is playing their part in the cosmic game called “End of Duality”. Especially the ones who seem to represent the darkest, densest ideas and vibrations are serving as visible expressions of all un-consciousness, of all duality, enemy patterning that have been pushed down into the collective sub-psyche since the beginning of time. What a great service! So I strongly invite you to not judge anybody or anything for what they seem to stand. The only directive for us now is to live Heaven with each breath and each step and refrain from any judgment but stay in total neutrality. Remember this Universe is holographic: what we emanate multiplies infinitely in each and every fractal of us. Each of us is literally contained in every single particle that makes up this whole Universe. Exciting, isn’t it? Powerful, isn’t it?

What are you emanating this moment that is multiplying holographically in the whole creation?

Copyright © 2016, Areolia Glück
This is copyrighted material. If you wish to share this information online in ANY form please make sure to share it INTACT and in its ENTIRETY with full credits given to the author(s), including a link to this website. To re-publish this material in any online or print media please request permission first. Thank you!

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